Location - Soccerdome II, 7447 Shipley Ave, Harmans, MD 21077

6/21/2021 TO 6/25/2021 FOR ALL

9AM - 3PM

PRICE: $275

Two options for payments:

- Please send Paypal/zelle payments to (family and friends method).​

- Please send a check Payable to Next Level Soccer. The address is:

Next Level Soccer - PO box 720, Hanover, MD, 21076


Payment Option:

On behalf of my child, I accept and assume any and all risks associated with his/her attendance and participation in any and all Next Level Soccer programs and activities. I understand that my child should not participate if he/she is not healthy. I understand that my child must abide by all rules and the instructions of staff.

Permission is hereby granted for photographs and/or videos to be taken of my child at the sessions for use by Next Level Soccer in their marketing or promotional materials. Knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my child's participation in the program, I, or anyone acting on my child's behalf, agree that Next Level Soccer and/or NLS staff are not responsible for accidents, injuries, and/or medical or dental expenses arising from my child's participation in the program. In accordance with this agreement, I promise not to sue, and I release Next Level Soccer and anyone working on their behalf from all claims of liability or expenses of any kind relating to my child's participation in activities. *

Thanks for submitting!